Here is 9A2TD's "VLatko" 20 meter homebrew MOXON.  Note the neat spreader pole guying technique. 

Vlatko reports that a few months ago, he made a Hex beam for 20 meters, but was not quite pleased with it.  He decided to try a MOXON for 20 meters which he says was fast and easy to build.  Vlatko says "It works nice, looks nice .."

The pole brackets were cut from the prefabricated Al profile 30x30 and 30x20 mm.  The poles themselves are an ordinary inexpensive fishing type which are easily available here.  Vlatko had bought 4 poles, 5 meters long, 2 pcs 3 meters long and left the top of the poles unused.  The fishing line used to truss up the poles is 1.5 mm thick.  He had to recalculate dimensions (using MoxGen), because the wire he used for each element is insulated.

Vlatko is feeding his MOXON with RG 58U coax through a "Palomar" BA 58 current balun.

To view several more photographs of Vlatko's 20 meter MOXON click .


Email Vlatko at for additional information about his 20 meter MOXON.


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