Hello Steve,  I told the group some time ago I would send them some pics of my Moxon, been up about a year now, but recently modified again.  Boom is 2 inch PVC, aluminum elements, 25 foot reflector and Director, 10 foot boom.  Tuned for 20 and 17 Meters,but fed with 450 ohm ladder line into balanced tuner.  I have found that this works excellent on 20/17 meters, but also has signficant gain and f/b on 15 and 10 meters.  I also use it as a listening antenna on 40/75 Meters as well as Short Wave Broadcast bands, it is tunable and actually  usable.  The gain is not as good as a full size dipole but it does cut down QRN substantially and in effect I can hear stations on this better than on the dipole most of the time.  Directional as well.


73, Tim



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