John's MOXON on a push-up mast.   Jeff, KG6GXV assisted John install his antenna.  In the above photograph Jeff is shown taping down the coax to the push up mast right above John's ham shack. The mast bracket on this Moxon is made from a synthetic kitchen cutting board. Jeff has become a new MOXON project participant and is currently building his own Moxon.

Close up bottom view of the "cutting board" mast/pole bracket assembly.




John's shack is pictured at left.  It's12 X 24 and about 12 feet high. This Photo provides a good comparison of  overall size of John's quad as compared to his moxon which is about 18 feet back (left) from the tower.  As you can see quite a size difference between the two antennas.  None-the-less, John reports that he has worked England and Belgium with both antennas.  He  generally received the same signal reports when switching between both antennas. 

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Note:  Read John's evaluation of his MOXON by clicking here






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