10m Aluminium Moxon Construction



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I found the plan to build the aluminium Moxon via the Moxon Project web site. As I had very good results with a wire Moxon put together from telescopic fishing poles and wire I thought I would make something a bit sturdier. The aluminium was sourced from Smiths Metals, I used 1/2" & 3/8" tubing - at about 8.00 per 4 meter length it didn't cost too much.

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Bending the tubes was a challenge, I eventually borrowed a pipe bender for 15mm copper pipe and used this. It worked satisfactorily and I used a hand held pipe cutter to cut the tubes.

My next door neighbour again proved helpful with a scrap bit of fence feather edging which I shaped to accomodate the aluminium elements. A scrap bit of plastic tubing was used for the boom. And the boom to mast bracket is cut from a plastic breadboard. As you can see I have used a coax RF balun.

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I found a plastic garden stake that fitted perfectly in the 3/8" tubing to act as the spacer between the element and reflector.

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The whole assembly is on the top of my 33ft push up aluminium mast and then back to my radio via a 40ft length of RG213 coax.

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Mark can be reached at mark.m0mrr@ntlworld.com if you have questions about his moxon.

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