WB5CXC 2 Meter Vertical Moxon

Here is some data on a 2M vertical polarized antenna I built this week.  I'm
not sure about the gain but the front to back ratio is very good and
conforms to the model.

Using the local repeater as a signal source I measured the F/B ratio using
an ICOM IC-746PRO.  With the attenuator active the reading is S5+ and with
the antenna rotated around the reading is not registering on the S meter.

I made the antenna out of 1/2" PVC and #6 copper ground wire.

I also made a 10M Moxon out of PVC and wire.  Haven't got it installed yet.
When I install it this week and have some data, I'll send you pictures etc.

Antenna pattern - Blue trace is the design @ 146 Mhz and Red trace is at the
upper limit of 148 Mhz.

Gain and SWR plots.
Diagram of antenna.


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