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The goal of this website is to share the experiences of MOXON antenna builders everywhere.  Averaging 4.8 million hits per year, since 2003 it's all about Hams Helping Hams, the underlying theme of the MOXON Antenna Project.

Invented by Les Moxon, G6XN, the MOXON is a stealthy gain antenna that's inexpensive and fun to build.  It's a great Saturday antenna project especially for new hams seeking their first gain antenna.  This antenna can be  mounted on a simple push-up mast and rotated by hand or with an inexpensive light duty rotor.  The Moxon is especially attractive to hams who want to avoid purchasing more expensive towers and rotors and desire a directional antenna.  For their size they're high performance antennas that lend themselves well to the spirit of experimentation as evidenced by the large number of Moxon variants sent into the Project website over the years.

No two Moxons antennas are alike!  The physical dimensions certainly are, but how the elements are constructed and suspended varies substantially.  After you spend some time looking at the "What's New" shown below, or browsing through the "Participant" section, you'll see what we mean.  The best place to start is at the beginning, so visit the Construction section.

Performance is what counts!  After you build one (try building a small one for 6 or 2 meters) and you'll agree that based on gain and F:B, the Moxon Rectangle is a superb antenna that is fun to build, works like a champ and is virtually indestructible.  And they're great for portable field operating as well.  They're my favorite antenna for Field Day and a great antenna to build for summertime 6 meter band openings.

We invite you to click on the various links to learn more about the project.  If you have questions, the QRZ antenna forums are a valuable first resource or send our webmaster an email.

73, James, W7JMP and Moxon Antenna Project Participants everywhere!

p.s.  Want to include your MOXON on this website?   Just email your construction notes, performance observations and photo attachments to the webmaster James Palmer, W7JMP. (note: most of the other email links to me on this site don't work..use the link shown here.)



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W7JMP's 4-bander Moxon Mania! (1 August 2021)

MOXON Antenna Project website webmaster responsibilities transferred from webmaster emeritus Steve "K6SGH" ( k6sgh.com); to James "W7JMP" effective 7/31/2021! 

DL2GMS' 20/15/10 Meter Single Feed Moxon...click here (11/30/2014)

KK4OBI Moxon Modeling: 4NEC2 Optimizer Functions...click here (09/14/2014)

GW4MBN'S Reversible Vertical 20m Moxon...click here (01/28/2012)

SM0DTK'S EndFed Vertical 20m Moxon...click here (07/03/2011)

SM0DTK'S EndFed Vertical 10m Moxon...click here (07/03/2011)

Moxgen Software for Apple Computers...click here (07/03/2011)

IZ8HHQ'S 2 meter moxon...click here (04/22/2011)

2E0RHM'S Moxon for 433mhz or 70cm...click here (03/12/2011)

KB1OIQ'S Linux Moxgen Software...click here (01/09/2010)

IK2CLB'S 40/30 Dual Band Moxon...click here (01/09/2010)

An Indoor FM Moxon Antenna...click here (11/07/2009)

KH6CB'S 4 Band Moxon Array...click here (10/26/2009)

DL7AOS' 3 Band Field Day Moxon Array...click here (10/26/2009)

EA2BD'S 20 Meter Portable Vertical Moxon...click here (10/19/2009)

EP3PK'S 2 Meter UN Repeater Moxon...click here (07/20/2009)

YU1QT'S 6 Element 6 Meter Moxon...click here (07/20/2009)

KJ4IVD's "Fabulous Flying F" 2 meter Moxon...click here (07/23/2009)

IZ0HPX's 17 Meter Moxon...click here (05/30/2009)

DL7AOS' 6 Meter Summertime Moxon...click here (05/25/2009)

N7OU'S Moxons on Pacific Beaches...click here (05/11/2009)

DL7AOS' 20 METER MOXON...click here (03/25/2009)

TC3EC 3 Band Contest Moxon for 10-15 & 20 Meters...click here (03/07/2009)

YU1QT'S Stacked Moxons for 40 & 15 meters...click here (02/08/2009)

YU1QT'S 3 ELEMENT Stacked Moxons for 20, 15 & 10 meters...click here (02/09/2009)

KI6SZK'S Uhf Broomstick Moxon...click here (10/15/2008)

JR3TVH'S Vertical Moxon Array for Portable (VMAP)...click here (6/29/2008)

YU1QT'S 5 ELEMENT 6 METER MOXON "SUMMERTIME SPECIAL" ...click here (6/23/2008)

SM0DTK'S 20 Meter Corner Fed Vertical Moxon...click here (1/29/2008)

M1PAF'S 20 Meter Vertical Moxon...click here (01/04/2008)

N1RK'S 6 Meter Moxon...click here (12/4/2007)

YU1QT'S 5 element 20 Meter Super Moxon...click here (11/4/2007)

IK0GDH'S Small Footprint 40 Meter Moxon...click here (7/8/2007)

CT1EUB'S 2 Meter Moxon...click here (7/1/2007)

N3OX'S Dual Band 17 & 20 Meter Moxon.....click here (5/21/2007)

KH6CB's 4 Element 20 Meter Moxon...click here (3/13/2007)

SM0DTK'S 40 Meter Wire Moxon...click here (1/31/2007)

KE7KRY/AG's Dual Polarity Tubular Moxon...click here (1/5/2007)

YU1QT'S LARGEST YU MOXON 80-40-20m...click here (11/4/2006)

FR5EC'S HYBRID MOXON 10-20M...click here (10/25/2006)

VE3ZIK'S MULTI-MOXON...click here (7/30/2006) 

OH2BEN'S 10 Mhz Yagi Style Moxon...click here (7/22/2006) 

W2EHE'S 'tunable' multi-band hybrid Moxon...click here (5/27/2006)

M3KXZ'S Tri-Band Vertical Moxon Design Discussion...click here (5/5/2006)

SM5JAB's Study of "What Matters" when building Moxons...click here (04/24/2006)

W8EGB'S "Reversable" 40 Meter Moxon...click here (3/31/2006)

K8WBL'S Multi-Band Ladder Line Fed Moxon...click here (2/07/2006)

HB0BB's 3 Element 20 Meter Hybrid and 40 Meter Moxon...click here (1/22/2006)

M3KXZ'S 20m Beach Mounted Vertical QRP Moxon...click here (1/13/06)

AD5UQ'S 15 Meter PVC Moxon...click here (11/6/05)

WB5CXC'S 2 Meter Vertical Moxon...click here (8/4/05)

KG4JJH'S Dual Band Moxon...QST UPDATE MATERIALS..click here (7/31/05)

N2MH'S 6 Meter Aluminum Moxon...click here (7/2/2005)

AE6AC's 17 Meter Moxon and construction details...click here (5/22/05)

VK6XH'S Satellite 1269 Mhz Moxon...click here (4/23/05)

LB9YE'S 17 Meter Moxon...click here (4/23/05)

WA0WOX's 6 meter Moxon...click here (updated 4/23/05)

AB0YY's Ice Storm 17m Moxon...click here (1/8/05)

M0MRR has built a TUBULAR 10m Moxon!!...click here (12/19/04)

Probably the most ingenious application yet of a Moxon antenna is EB4EQA's Moxon for use in a GSM1800 cellular telephone...click here (12/12/04)  Very cool Roberto!!

10 Meter Moxon build notes by M0MRR...click here (12/6/04)

KG4JJH'S Dual Band Moxon...Allen does it again! Click here.  (12/2/04)

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MOXON message board archives available here. (11/27/04)

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